Welcome to my home on the web!

My name is Yasemin.  I’ve been in the English field  for ninteen years now. I speak Turkish, English, German,  Spanish  and a little bit Japanese.

In Turkey I taught English as a second language in high  schools for ten years . I have been  coaching English in Germany  for  the last nine years and am currently  working with  young learners at a high school and with adult students  from  large organizations in Frankfurt. My students range from 11 to 65 years old!

I chose this profession because I wanted to do something rewarding; something that  gave me satisfaction. I absolutely love teaching , and feel lucky to be part of my students' learning every day.

Having grown tired of the mundane text lessons and class style, I decided to change my approach, and through my teaching  experience  I’ve developed my own teaching method  and material which my students enjoy  very much.

Now that I don’t want  these simple but practicle material to sleep on the shelves at my library, I decided to start this page and  share them with you.

This site will bring together everything  for self-learners and busy teachers need, from classroom materials to ideas for development.They are full of fresh ideas and new information which will help you  a lot.

My passion for global issues   translates into my teaching; as a result  throughout this website you can  also access weekly updated news with the tasks following them. I have really enjoyed  watching  each and everyone of my students  enjoy  reading  and retelling these updated news articles during our classes.

I just simply must say that these lessons will save you  so many times.

I’ll keep bringing more wonderful, interesting, and up-to-date things to this site!

See you on the next pages!