Welcome to English Resources!

This link  has been prepared with clarity and ease of reference in mind. The index included here will be useful for reference to specific points. It is designed for  teachers and learners of English as a foreign language at  any level.

The subjects have not been set out in order, but have been arranged and indexed in a way that allows users to select particular items as they need them, either for elementary  or further practice, in accordance with their own learning  / teaching requirements.  

Areas of particular difficulty have been given special attention.

Here you will also be provided with  the latest news articles, top stories  from around the world. Following articles you’ll also find reading comprehension tasks.  

News  articles have always been  a great source of learning and teaching material which  raise the level of involvement and participation of students in the lesson. In addition to that they are also rich sources of vocabulary and grammar exponents.  The articles here  provide vocabulary associated with particular topics like finance, crime, politics. Students can either deduct the meaning of these words from context or look them up in a dictionary.

The resources on this page can be co-ordinated with textbooks and other learning materials.

I thank all my students past and present, in many schools and companies, who have tested most of these material  here and whose recommendations have contributed a lot to my own experience, gained over  many years of teaching English as a foreign language in Turkey and Germany.